Honey (2003): Chaz Asks Honey Out


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The clip Chaz Asks Honey Out from Honey (2003) with Mekhi Phifer, Jessica Alba

Raymond, is that you? Honey!
What are you doing out here? My mama says l have to do something with my hair.
Your mama's right about that. You wanna do this on your own, or should l come with you?
You can come with me. Cool. So, what are you thinking? Some braids?
Snoop Doggy Dogg silky-fine press and curl?
Or maybe do like Mike and shave it all off?
Hmm, how 'bout braids? Braids?
All right, cool. Come on.
Come on. They won't bite.
Whoa. Look who's here. l thought l was gonna have to watch cable to see you again.
Raymond needs a little trim and some braids.
Look, little guy. You see that guy right there?
l know he has a stupid-looking face, but what's his hair look like?
All right. Just all right or a little more than all right?
A little more. That's right. And you know why? 'Cause he gets his hair cut by me.
l spent a whole 20 minutes on him.
l'm gonna send you over there to Stacey to get braided up.
And when you're done, l'm gonna spend 22 minutes on you.
Now how does that sound?
That's cool.
All right, now you just chill, shorty. Don't worry about nothin'.
Besides, l never mess up a kid's head,
especially when his mom's in the shop.
He's eight. That would have made me 1 4.
l'm not that kind of girl.
My bad.
We just peoples.
Yeah, we peoples. You peoples?
Player, how'd you swing that? l've been trying to be her peoples for weeks. Ain't had no luck.
l got flow.

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