Risky Business (1983): Borrowing A Room


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The clip Borrowing A Room from Risky Business (1983)

Hi, Glenn. What's up?
I heard your parents were away.
I thought maybe I could borrow a room?
Barry is here and we're working.
We won't bother you.
We don't have anywhere to go.
You know how it is.
Sure. Take my room.
Thanks, Joel.
The "Memo-Minder"!
Here's how it works.
A call comes in for your mom, it's fairly important. What do you do?
You write the message down here, hit the switch... you've got the light.
Now, a call for your dad comes in and it's really important!
You're gonna get your ass kicked in if he misses it.
So, what do you do?
Write the message down there, hit position two...
$1.86 in parts, sell it for $9.95 and make a fortune!
I can't concentrate with this.
This is really annoying.
It's ridiculous!
I'm out of here.
Lock the door when you leave, Glenn.
If you read me, grunt twice!
Thank you!

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