The Cell (2000): Cahterine is Lost


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The clip Cahterine is lost from The Cell (2000)

That can't be right.
Danger pulse.
-No change. -Christ.
What about emergency cessation?
Gradually terminate the feed, disable the receptors--
It could lead to massive shock...
and, Henry, could you please shut that thing off?
What's going on?
That hypothetical situation I told you about?
-It's happening. -Can't you stop it?
It's not that simple.
Well, you stopped it before--
Yes, that was different. That was Edward.
With Stargher, his mind is unfamiliar territory...
and she's lost. She thinks this is real.
Well, is there anything that we can do?
Whatever we do runs the risk of making things worse for her.
Worse. That's great.
So she's lost somewhere?
-No. No. -No, what?
I need you here.

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