I'm Not There. (2007): Jude Before Interview Part 2


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The clip Jude Before Interview Part 2 from I'm Not There. (2007)

'Cause I saw a picture of him once in a magazine, smoking Camels,
which I know Danny Ronk used to smoke,
but then he switched to Lucky Strikes in '64.
Mr. Quinn, we really ought to hurry. Everyone's at the car!
...till early '65.
Norman, Mona, Sammy...
Sammy? Who's Sammy?
Sonny. Sonny Dover.
The central doyen of the inner circle,
and Jude's oldest ally.
He plays maracas on "Medicine Sunday. "
Judey! Lover boy! Ah!
Two words on Shakespeare, Mr. Quinn, for our listeners.
Two words?
Raving queen,
and cosmic amphetamine brain.
I dig Shakespeare.
I have a question for Mr. Quinn.
Oh, Keenan, please forgive us. Mr. Quinn,
allow me to introduce to you Mr. Keenan Jones,
arts editor and host of the BBC.
I remember you.
Yes, I was going to ask Mr. Quinn why he insists
on putting us and the rest of the world on so?
Some might be persuaded to doubt his sincerity.
Well, who said I was sincere?
Are you saying you're not sincere?
No more than you, you know?
No more sincere than you are.
See, you just want me to say what you want me to say.
You might think
nothing can reach those tens of thousands,
living by the dollar.
But you'd be wrong.

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