I'm Not There. (2007): Jude Interviewed Part 3


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The clip Jude Interviewed Part 3 from I'm Not There. (2007)

I mean, you've got a lot of nerve, asking me a question like that.
Do you ask the Beatles that?
Do I...
Or Mr. Eve of Destruction?
Would you ask Barry McGuire that?
I have to ask, because you have the nerve to question whether I care.
I'm not questioning you because I don't expect any answers from you.
Maybe Victor Mature. He looks like Victor Mature.
More like Elsa Lanchester, man, with a North Mexican kind of thing.
That's very protest-y, man. You know, it's very very protest-y.
You know, I am convinced of one thing. You either do care about nothing at all,
or tremendously much that people think so.
And you ask for my time?
Mr. Quinn, we really do need you in...
Listen, I know more about you, right, than you will ever know about me.
You think I give a crumpet what you write in your lousy paper?
Now, I don't need to look to someone else, man, to tell me I'm good.
Slaughter me, for all I care.
I refuse to be hurt.
Mr. Quinn, we really do need you in the car.
Hey, man.
You refuse feeling deeply about anything.
It's clear to anyone how entirely self-conscious you are,
in everything you do.
That's enough!
Feeling deeply?
That's what this is about?
What precisely, please do tell, am I supposed to be feeling, huh?
I'm simply referring to standard emotions:
Pain, remorse, love.
Yeah, I have none of those feelings.

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