I'm Not There. (2007): Woody Runs Away


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The clip Woody Runs Away from I'm Not There. (2007)

At any cost
Everybody will help you
Some people are very kind
And if I...
Can save you any time
Come on, give it to me
I'll keep it with mine
You don't have to write anything down
to be a poet.
Some work in gas stations.
Some shine shoes.
I don't really call myself one, 'cause I don't like the word.
Me, I'm a trapeze artist.
Sighting it and hearing it and breathing it in,
rubbing it all in the pores of my skin.
And the wind between my eyes
knocking honey in my comb.
You reckon he's some kind of midget?
Get off of there, grunt!
I ain't doing nothing!
Now look what you done!
You talk English?
Yes, sir.
You carrying money, boy?
No, sir.
He's lying.
What's that?
That your fiddle? Huh?
Give it back. Huh?
What's it say on that thing?
What you got stashed in here?
Get him, boys!
Ah, you little...
Give me...

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