I'm Not There. (2007): The Story Of Jack Rollins Part 4


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The clip The Story Of Jack Rollins Part 4 from I'm Not There. (2007)

His songs are like a true vision of how things really are.
Well, I just find he's the most piercing
and aware insight working today.
You'd have thought we invented it,
we were so pleased and proud.
Sure, there was a certain tendency in the folk movement
for nostalgia about the Depression
and the radicalism that came out of it.
They were coming out of a shitty time...
the McCarthy era, Eisenhower era.
So, as long as folk remained strictly a minority taste,
it would always be us against the big, bad commercial tastelessness.
But when the big, bad commercial tastelessness
finally caught on to Jack,
then, well, all of a sudden,
the race was on.
And this time, somebody was going to win.
He was a rebel.
I wanted to record protest.
Of course, that's right when we were getting
into that whole Nam business.
Jack really stopped protesting after 1963.
He said that you couldn't effect change with a song.
You could only write about what was inside you,
and folk music, he said, was, um...
was fat people.
He said it made him feel like the Establishment,
you know, and he always fought the Establishment.
You will search, babe

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