I'm Not There. (2007): Jude Talks About Folk Music


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The clip Jude Talks About Folk Music from I'm Not There. (2007) with Cate Blanchett, Bruce Greenwood

With your mercury mouth
In the missionary times
And your eyes like smoke
And your prayers like rhymes
And your silver cross
And your voice like chimes
Doesn't really matter, you know,
what kind of nasty names people invent for the music.
But, uh, folk music is just a word, you know,
that I can't use anymore.
What I'm talking about is traditional music,
right, which is to say it's mathematical music,
it's based on hexagons.
But all these songs about, you know,
roses growing out of people's brains
and lovers who are really geese and swans
are turning into angels...
I mean, you know, they're not going to die.
They're not folk music songs.
They're political songs.
They're already dead.
You'd think that these traditional music people
would... would gather that mystery, you know,
is a traditional fact, you know,
seeing as they're all so full of mystery.
And contradictions.
Yeah, contradictions.
And chaos.
Yes, it's chaos, clocks, and watermelons...

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