Conan the Barbarian (1982): Preparing for Battle


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The clip Preparing for Battle from Conan the Barbarian (1982) with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gerry Lopez

He will kill you! He has seen your fires.
He will come for me, and when he does he will kill you!
I remember days like this, when my father took me to the forest...
and we ate wild blueberries.
More than 20 years ago.
I was just a boy of four or five.
The leaves were so dark and green then.
The grass smelled sweet with the spring wind.
Almost 20 years of pitiless combat!
No rest! No sleep like other men!
And yet the spring wind blows, Subotai.
Have you ever felt such a wind?
They blow where I live too.
In the north of every man's heart.
It's never too late, Subotai.
It would only lead me back here another day.
In even worse company.
For us there is no spring-
just the wind that smells fresh before the storm.

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