El Método (2005): The First Test - Canditates Introducation Part 3

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Published 29 Nov 2011
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The clip The First Test - Canditates Introducation Part 3 from El método (2005)

And you weren't in your present jobs then?
Can each confirm that the other wasn't a psychologist then?
Yes, of course.
We only knew each other for a few days
but he wasn't a psychologist.
That's no use. They could both be lying.
If one of them is the mole, he'll have lied.
The other won't say anything, he has an advantage.
We're saying what our jobs are. You can believe it or not.
That doesn't matter.
Let's continue and we'll be in equal conditions.
I'm Ricardo Arc�s
and I won't say where I work.
Why's that?
I don't want my company to hear about this.
We're not going to tell them.
Everything gets out eventually.
There seems to be
a certain lack of collaboration in the group.
Excuse me, what group?
We're competing for the same job.
Well, it's my turn.
I'm Ana P�ez,
and I'm head of production at Minena studios.
Basically, we record music
and my idea of opening a studio in Ibiza has had fantastic results.
We've had lots of people there, from Mike Oldfield
to Bustamante.
It's been less for the sound quality
and more for a few days on the beach.
Apart from that,
the idea was very, very profitable for the company.
I'm Fernando de Monagas.
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