El Método (2005): Julio Is Expelled


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The clip Julio Is Expelled from El método (2005)

Shall we vote?
I have to say that, after the debate,
which I thought was very interesting,
I wouldn't accept Julio's application to join this company.
If I were the company I might not want to employ Julio,
but I'm not sure I want to vote.
That's very clever of you.
Voting means accepting responsibility for expelling Julio.
That's what they call it, expulsion.
The company has given us that responsibility
without consulting us, and free of charge.
And you've accepted it without a word
and assumed that it's what the company expects of you.
if it isn't so?
Are you sure it's what the company wants from you?
So we've got three, three and one abstention.
Technically, it's a draw The company can decide, right?
I did what I could.

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