El Método (2005): Computer Connection Problems


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The clip Computer Connection Problems from El método (2005)

Fucking Gr�nholm method.
What's up?
What's up?
Drop the screen bullshit.
Come and tell me to my face.
It must have been a mistake.
I'm sorry,
but I've been told the selection test is over.
The team of psychologists has decided
to reject your applications to join this company.
I'm joking!
We have a little problem with the computer connections.
I'll fix right away.
Were you joking with Julio too?
No, that wasn't an error.
Excuse me.
Am I in your way?
No, go right ahead.
Let's see.
They should turn on now.
That's it.
How about a break to go to the bathroom?
Are there cameras here too?
Can you draw conclusions from how someone pisses?
Nuts, isn't it?

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