Virus (1999): Examining the Cyborg


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The clip examining the cyborg from Virus (1999) with Cliff Curtis, Sherman Augustus

Blood is still pumping through this brain.
There's been no decomposition at all.
Yeah. Here, right here. See? There's...
some kind of coil or self-contained power supply built right into it.
This brain is still alive.
Stop fucking around with the damn thing, Richie!
I'm just looking at it, Steve.
Touch it again, I'll cut your hands off.
I can respect that.
It's still Alexi. It's Alexi.
Rubbish! You're listening to a pile of Russian rubbish.
And I for one won't listen to any more of it. There's no alien.
Something their government cooked up.
It all went wrong, didn't it? You're afraid the rest of the world's gonna find out about it.
Dr. Igor Fuckin' Frankenstein there.
Alexi was no medical experiment.
He was my husband.
Could someone please come and take a look at the nails in my shoulder?
Woods, stop whining!
Ow! God! Ow!

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