Virus (1999): No Reply from Squeaky


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The clip no reply from squeaky from Virus (1999)

What's this shit, Richie?
Somebody doesn't like electricity, Woodsy.
Come on.
Well, it looks like somebody tried to rewire the ship.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm all right.
So that's done.
What's all this weird stuff in her bag?
She's got videotapes, cigarettes. What's this? Hair spray?
Hey, watch out! Watch out, watch out! Thermite grenades.
One of those things blows, burn a hole right through the deck. Be careful.
Be careful, really careful.
What's she trying to do? Sink the ship?
Squeaky, talk to me.
How does it feel?
It's good. Thanks.
Are you gonna be able to walk?
Yeah. I-I'll be okay.
Squeak, que pasa, buddy?
Where the hell are you, man?
Richie, Woods, come back.
Steve, this ship's got a missile rome.
I don't give a damn about any missiles!
I left Squeaky in the engine room and he's not answering, so get the hell down there.
Yeah, yeah. We hear you.
We've got a crew member up here who just unloaded an Uzi on us,
so you better watch your ass.
Yeah, copy that.
I'm goin' to the engine room.
We'll see you on the bridge.
Steve? Watch your back.
Hey, Woods, you comprehend this Cyrillic crap?
It's like chicken scratches to me.

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