Virus (1999): Lowering the Anchor

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Published 27 Oct 2011
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The clip lowering the anchor from Virus (1999)

Tell you something. We're gonna be rich.
You're gonna be a rich man, Hiko!
Somebody's running this.
Looks like it's running itself.
Computers don't run themselves.
I don't know much about computers, but that's an anchor.
Emergency on top deck! Emergency on top deck! Anchor went down on the tug!
Baker, did you copy that?
We need you up here- Oh, Jesus.
Baker, we need you on deck now!
Already on my way.
Hey, Squeak, you catch that?
What the hell happened?
You just sit tight. Any sign of trouble, you don't be a cowboy.
I'm not gonna, but d-don't leave me here for too long.
Stay on your radio.
Tell you what. I'm gonna go get some help.
I can't swim!
Get back here, goddamn cocksucker!
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