Sleepers (1996): Sitting with Nokes


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The clip sitting with nokes from Sleepers (1996) with Billy Crudup, Ron Eldard

This is amazing.
Hello. It's been a long time.
Who the fuck are you guys?
Hey. Who the fuck asked you to sit down?
I thought you'd be happy to see us. I
I guess I was wrong.
You know, I thought you'd do a lot better, you know.
You know, with all that training, all that time you put in...
just to end up watchin' someone else's money?
That seems like a waste.
I'm askin' y'all for the last time. What the fuck do you want?
Why don't you take your time? It'll come to you.
I could see how he might forget us.
You know, we were just somethin' for you and your friends to play with.
It's a little harder for us to forget.
You gave us so much more to remember.
Can't quite place us, can you, chief?
Let me help you out.
You're lookin' at John Reilly and Tommy Marcano.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's right.
It was a long time ago.
So how ya been?
Yeah, we ain't kids now.
Yeah. So what do ya want?
What I've always wanted is to watch you die.

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