Sleepers (1996): Wanting to Beat the Gaurds


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The clip wanting to beat the gaurds from Sleepers (1996) with Robert De Niro, Eugene Byrd

Here you go, little star. Here's your locker room.
It was only a game...
just a touch football game, nothing more...
but a game I wish we had never played.
Hut, hut.
Guards against inmates.
The guards practiced four times a week.
Our team was picked the Monday before the game.
Let's go.
We had a two-hour practice.
Set. Hut.
Didn't matter much.
Get him!
We weren't supposed to win.
We were just supposed to show up.
Who's the toughest guy out here?
How do you mean "tough"?
Who can talk and have everyone listen?
Black kid over there.
Michael saw an opening...
a chance to bring the game to our level, even out the field.
But he needed help. He needed Rizzo.
Black kid with an Italian name.
With Rizzo on our side, we had a chance.
Look, white boy, I don't know what you play on the streets. I don't care.
But in here the guards call the play, and the play calls them to win the game.
Look, man.
Guards steer clear of me, all right? They stay back and let me do my time.
If I play in a game and I put a hurtin' on one of them...
that might change my cushion.
I'm not saying we gotta win. I just don't wanna take a beating.
We do every day. Why's Saturday special?
'Cause on Saturday we can hit back.
They don't fuck with you like they do us, but they fuck with you another way.
You're just an animal to 'em.
I don't give a fuck.
Yeah, you do.
And beating them on Saturday is not gonna change a thing.
Then why, white boy? Why?
To make them feel what we feel...
just for a couple of hours.

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