Sleepers (1996): Talking After the Trial


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The clip talking after the trial from Sleepers (1996)

Hi. How are you? Could I get a hot dog?
Uh, mustard, relish.
A lot of relish.
Give him two napkins.
You did good in there, Counselor.
So, what happens to you now?
What happens? I walk away.
I'll wait a few weeks, I'll hand in my notice...
and after the way I handled this case...
they won't be in a rush to keep me from the door.
So you switch to the other side and work as a defense lawyer.
The money's better.
There's always gonna be more bad guys than good, Mikey.
And can you imagine the work you'd get from John and Tommy's crew?
That's a house and a pool.
Not for me.
I've seen all the law I want to see.
It's time for something else.
Like what?
Let you know when I know.
You know, you're too old to play for the Yankees...
and you're too young to take up golf.
Why you shooting holes through all my plans? You're... You're gonna make me panic.
You'll work it out. You always have.

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