Sleepers (1996): Meeting with the Cops


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The clip meeting with the cops from Sleepers (1996) with Jason Patric

Frank Magcicco worked out of a homicide unit in Brooklyn.
He was a first-rate detective with an honest name and a solid reputation.
He was also King Benny's nephew.
Nick Davenport was with internal affairs.
He was ambitious and wanted to make captain before he hit 40.
He knew the fastest way up the track was to reel in...
a maximum amount of dirty cops in a minimum amount of time.
Frank, what is this shit?
Hey, I were you...
I'd do what the kid says. You make this one...
you're gonna be having breakfast once a month with the commissioner.
Man, you got a real hard-on for this style of guy, huh?
What's your beef with him?
One more thing.
I can't wait.
It's simple.
No one knows if I give you this information.
And I mean nobody.
How did you get it?
It fell into my lap, just like it's gonna fall into yours.
Christ almighty!
Got everything in here but a confession.
I thought I'd leave that up to you.
My preference is that you beat it out of him.
There's even surveillance photos.
This piece of shit's pullin' in about five grand a month rippin' off pushers.
Has been for about three years.
More like four.
He ain't gonna see five.
So you got enough for a conviction?
That ain't up to me. That's up to a jury.

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