Sleepers (1996): Talking to King Benny


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The clip talking to king benny from Sleepers (1996) with Vittorio Gassman

Hey, Shay, how ya doin'?
Oh, man, that diet is working. I don't care what anybody says.
You still have a thing for Doris Day?
She's a good woman.
You know Lastrega?
Hard to miss a lady with four warts and only one eye.
She needs the heads. Salvatore.
Take this to the witch.
Now, why does she need the heads?
She takes the eyes.
Oh. Wonderful.
Puts them in a bowl and mixes them with water and oil.
And then?
People get headaches, they go to her.
She looks into their eyes and tells them who is wishing the headaches.
She says a few words, and the headaches go away.
Once in a while, the person who wished the headaches goes away too.
This guy Addison, the one who works for the mayor...
he quits his job in two weeks.
He don't want nobody to know what kind of a guy he is.
He don't want nobody to see pictures of him they shouldn't see.
He knows us?
He will.
The boys he buys for parties are expensive.
Now, Addison makes good money, but he don't make real money.
How much does he owe?
Eight grand with a heavy vig.
I paid that off.
You paid?

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