Sleepers (1996): Running in to Father Bobby


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The clip running in to father bobby from Sleepers (1996) with Robert De Niro

Father Robert Carillo was a longshoreman's son...
who was as comfortable sitting on a barstool in a back-alley saloon...
as he was standing at the altar during High Mass.
He had toyed with the life of petty crime before finding his calling.
He was a friend. A friend who just happened to be a priest.
You know what crap like that does to your body?
Come on, Father. It beats smoking, and it's cheaper too.
So what do you hear? Anything?
No, nothin'.
I hear you're interested in becomin' a priest.
Who says?
Word is, you wanna get the feel of a confessional booth.
I don't know what you're talking about, Father.
You don't, huh?
Well, maybe I got the wrong information.
Yeah, I guess you did.
I'll see you later tonight.
What's tonight?
I gotta drop some books and magazines off...
for the elderly and disabled around the neighborhood.
Your mother said you'd love to help.
Yeah, I bet she did.
Shakes, I don't want you getting into any trouble.
Come on, Father. You know I never do.
That's all I wish for you and your friends.
That's it?
That's it. Nothing else. I swear.
That's it.
You know, a priest shouldn't swear.
And kids shouldn't be listening to other people's confessions.
I'll see you tonight.
All right. See you.

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