Sleepers (1996): Michael's Opening Speech


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The clip michael's opening speech from Sleepers (1996) with Dustin Hoffman

He was aiming for guilty...
a charge of guilty against the Wilkinson Home for Boys...
against Sean Nokes, Adam Styler, Henry Addison and Ralph Ferguson.
I will present you evidence and offer into account testimony to prove that.
I will place him at the scene of the crime.
I will bring witnesses to the stand who will confirm...
that they were there on that deadly night.
I will present enough evidence that you can then go into a jury room...
and come back with a clear decision that's beyond a reasonable doubt.
I'm sure you all know what that means, since you probably watch as much television as I do.
John. John Reilly...
and Thomas Marcano are two innocent pawns quickly arrested...
and just, uh, as, uh, quickly prosecuted...
on the slightest threads of evidence.
On the bright side, he seems to know their names.

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