Sleepers (1996): Asking Father Bobby for Help


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The clip asking father bobby for help from Sleepers (1996) with Robert De Niro, Minnie Driver

So what is it? Where do you come up short?
Witness. We need somebody to take the stand...
and say they were with John and Tommy on the night of the murder.
So you figured if you had a priest, it would be perfect.
Not just any priest.
So you're...
you're asking me...
you're asking me to lie.
You're asking me to swear to God and then lie.
I'm asking you to save two of your boys.
Did they kill that guard?
So what they said is true. They walked in and they killed him.
They killed him exactly like that.
I think I need a drink.
Anyone want a drink?
This is some favor you're asking me.

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