Very Bad Things (1998): Fight in the Parking Lot

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The clip fight in the parking lot from Very Bad Things (1998) I can't- I can't fucking breathe. What's wro...
The clip fight in the parking lot from Very Bad Things (1998) I can't- I can't fucking breathe. What's wrong? Fish, I'm sorry. OK! you're freaking me out, brother. that was definitely not cool-definitely inappropriate behavior. Just shut up for a second. Negative! This is not what you've worked out in terms of self-management here, Adam. come on! Pull it together. He's having some kind of problem? What's the problem, Adam? What is the fucking problem, huh? Come on. I just-i just- we're gonna get caught. We're not gonna get caught. I know we're gonna get caught. they're eyeballing my minivan. Who? What? At the Minimart. What the hell are you talking about? they're smOKing me out! who's smOKing you out? nobody is smoking you out! shut up! Kyle! yeah? What, hon? honey... yeah? is everything OK? yeah, everything's fine. great. OK. Can we go back inside? Yeah, sure. Honey, now. now. Can we go inside? I just have these... um, we have these... yeah, we got, uh... groomsmen's last-minute preparations to make. we've got a rehearsal dinner going on inside. dad, everything's fine, OK? I'm in the middle of my goddamn toast in there! why don't the two of you go back inside, you get back into the toast, and I'll be back in, OK? so just go on, please. honey, we have a rehearsal dinner here, OK? everything's beautiful. your wife looks beautiful, except for what you did to her fucking nose. Adam, the timing fucking sucks on this here. We got the rehearsal dinner thing right now. you never gave a damn about anyone but yourself. You're a fucking reject, OK? You eat my ass! Hey! Eat my ass! this doesn't help! If you ever touch my minivan again, you are going to be very sorry, brother! Very fucking sorry! You are aloser! Loser?! Loser! You're a you think your shit's so fucking righteous? You were right there, right there with us side by fucking side. You murdered that girl! You murdered her! You're a murderer! murderer! keep it fucking down! keep your fucking voice- Shut your fucking mouth. I didn't do anything, OK? Yes, you did. I might just turn your little pathetic ass in. how about that, pal? did you hear that? Adam, calm down, OK? I'm not gonna calm down! I can't do this! I can't do this! I'm telling you, they- It won't work! It cannot work!