Very Bad Things (1998): a Prayer Part 3


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The clip a prayer Part 3 from Very Bad Things (1998)

this is the real time. we're in the moment.
Adam, your brother and myself
as well as several others present
have always felt that you were
a fully repressed, living-in-major-denial, lock-down flyboy.
fire in the hole, big guy.
dear god, please forgive us for what we've done here tonight.
we've lost our way.
speaking for myself,
I am deeply in love with the woman I'm about to marry,
and I am very much looking forward to raising a family
and being a positive member of society.
we promise, if you forgive us,
that we will never forget this tragedy
and we will try with all our power
to use it as a daily reminder
that we are on this earth to do good, not evil.
Let us move from this day forward with new spirit and purpose.
you have given us a second chance,
so let us take that second chance
and use it to fuel our fires of productivity
so that the spirits of the two people that we buried here tonight
can forever live on in our good deeds and positive achievements
that we, from this day forward, shall make our lives' work.
thank you, god, and once again,
please give us your guidance and your forgiveness. amen.

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