Very Bad Things (1998): Panic


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The clip panic from Very Bad Things (1998)

Two fucking kids, goddamn it!
calm the fuck down! Let's move on past the fucking blaming shit.
OK, now, where'd you get this?
at the newsstand on third.
fucking Boyd, that fucking idiot!
goddamn it, they're onto us! they're not onto us.
Boyd, did you read the paper?
is that him? is that him? give me that!
goddamn it, calm down.
Boyd, you fucking idiot! this shit is coming down, man!
that's just nothing.
that's just a stupid missing persons thing, that's all.
you got us into this mess!
I did? from what I remember,
it was your rat-fuck brother that decided to play chop suey
with the hooker's fucking head.
will you shut up?! calm down.
shut up! these fucking phones aren't secure, goddamn it!
just lighten up, would you, please, Adam? all right?
just show some character. walk through some fucking fear.
don't talk to me about character, pal.
watch the tone, fella, OK?
fuck you, Boyd! give me the phone.
fuck you, too, snake-eyes, cocksucker!
fuck you! shut up. Boyd?
they have my credit card imprint, you know that?
he hung up, goddamn it!
fucking asshole!
Look what you did, goddamn it! Look what you did!
refocus... your mind!
control... your... fear!
Knock it off!

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