Very Bad Things (1998): Kyle's Best Friends


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The clip Kyle's best friends from Very Bad Things (1998) with Cameron Diaz

Tina... great, OK. here's the deal-
we're talking 5 guys.
nice guys, Tina. my friends.
yeah. well, I'm calling you directly
so you don't have to go through the agency.
Hey! could you please not enter the house?
that's correct. cash straight to you.
could you hold on?
could you please wait off the property?
we're just trying to sneak a peak.
Well, just stay off the property until I'm off the phone.
because that's the way we do it.
chop, chop.
so, it's 5 guys, 900 bucks, just dancing.
anything else is extra.
Are you in?
It's just how I feel. I feel that, at some point in time,
you're going to have to reevaluate some of your friendships.
Well... OK.
specifically- specifically who?
charles moore.
you don't like moore?
I just don't see him in the big picture.
OK... but realize,
I've known him since the third grade.
Well, he's weird.
he's quiet.
he's weird.
hon, he just doesn't talk a lot.
why? I mean, Is he mildly retarded?
he never speaks! he's a mechanic.
Well, he's weird, Kyle, and frankly, I really-
i expect more from you.
yeah, OK, wh- you expect more what?
you are going to be hung over for 3 days,
like those guys onoprahwho
who get drunk
and have disgusting sex with prostitutes,
and then they go ahead, and they just say their vows.
they say their vows with the stench
of cheap hotel whore sex all over them.
that's absurd. listen to yourself.
it's vile, Kyle. it's not vile.
I've seen it on television. I'm not going to-
What do you mean it's not vile?!
I'm not going to marry you
with the cheap smell of hotel whore sex-
I am not to be common, Kyle, OK?
I am a creature like no other.
I know that. I am a creature like no other.

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