Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): Canceling the Show


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The clip canceling the show from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Jason Segel, Kristen Bell

What's up, dude?
What's up?
Peter, I got some really interesting news...
this morning.
Aldous gave you gonorrhoea?
No. Why would I tell you that?
Crime Scene was cancelled.
You all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, I've been waiting to take the next step,
you know, into features for a long time,
so it's a really good thing.
This isn't The View. I mean, we can have...
an honest talk about this if we want.
I don't wanna step out of the spotlight...
and then be forgotten.
I don't wanna disappear. I'm freaked out.
I wanna be honest.
I'm really freaked out right now, okay?
Because, seemingly, the only actresses...
that actually can survive...
are the ones that show their cooter,
and, excuse me, but I refuse to do that.
I have a little dignity.
And I don't have the frame...
to support plastic surgery. I would tip over.
And I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna exploit myself.
Listen, you're gonna be fine.
You have a long career ahead of you.
You've got, like, four years until you're 30.
It's gonna be fine.
How are you?
I'm screwed.
Frankly, I don't stand a chance.
No, I'll be fine.
I've been quietly stealing money...
from you for a long time.
You're always good at cheering me up.
Pete, thank you.

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