Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): Pete and Sarah Argue


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The clip pete and sarah argue from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Jason Segel, Kristen Bell

What's going on?
You fainted.
I didn't want you to wake up by yourself.
How's your friend? Is he all right?
They gave him stitches, and he's sleeping it off.
Hey, you wanna hear something funny?
Are you ready to laugh? 'Cause this is a gas.
Edward Scissorhands over there told me...
that you two were fucking each other...
for a whole God damn year while we were together.
How about that, Sarah?
I'm sorry, Peter.
Pete, you shouldn't be up...
and walking around. Can you please...
Please don't touch me. Just don't touch me, okay?
I'm not touching you.
Will you just please sit? Please?
All right, I'll sit down,
but I'm sitting down 'cause I want to,
not because you've asked me to sit, okay?
A year?
Listen, I get it, okay? I just...
I need to understand what I did...
to make you cheat. I just...
Pete, it's not anything you did.
You didn't do anything. I mean, you were great.
Will you please cut the bullshit...
and have a talk with me?
Fine. Cutting the bullshit.
It got really hard to keep taking care of you...
when you stopped taking care of yourself.
I tried to get you out of the house.
I tried to get you off your little island...
you loved so much, the couch.
You didn't wanna see the light of day.
God, there was one week...
when you wore sweatpants. Every day.
You shall not pass.
You know what? If they were Sean John...
sweatpants, it would have been fine.
But because they're Costco brand,
it's like the worst thing I could do.
That has nothing to do with it.
That's what you don't get.
I'm sorry that I didn't end up being...
who we thought I was gonna be, you know?
I tried really hard. I promise you that.

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