Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): Going to Yoga Class Part 2


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The clip going to yoga class Part 2 from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Jason Segel

so I'm just gonna do this for myself.
Just to learn from your body,
memorize your body.
Good. Strong legs.
Come on.
Perfect skin and form.
Okay, class, I'd like to now move into a tripod headstand.
This is more of an advanced pose,
so if you don't feel comfortable...
or strong enough,
please feel free to just lay on your mat...
in child's pose.
I got it.
All right, so let's all come down to our mats.
Get in a prep position for the tripod headstand.
If you don't feel comfortable,
there's no shame...
in just laying on your mat in child's pose.
Lady, I got it.
Good, so let's prep to come up. Good.
Sir, if you just want to lay down...
in child's pose.
Now, you all heard me say,
'If you want to be in child's pose,
that's okay.'
Just in case he gets hurt.
Bring it, bring it.
I don't want you to break your neck.
What's up?
Just relax.
My legs, that's what.
We're doing quiet headstands today.
I'm doing a handstand, motherfucker.
I'm doing a handstand.
Okay, you know, why don't we just release.
Thank God.
Good, everybody. Good.

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