Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): Killing the Pig


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The clip killing the pig from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Jason Segel, Taylor Wily

You're from the breakfast buffet, right?
Whipped cream or berries?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm Peter.
Good to meet you, man.
Good to meet, you, man.
Have a beer.
Thanks. Thank you.
Sarah Marshall.
How do you know I was dating Sarah Marshall?
Dwayne told me. Chuck told me.
Even Rachel told me.
I heard about it from everybody.
You gotta stop talking about it.
It's like The Sopranos.
It's over.
Find a new show.
You need a hug.
Come here.
Oh, thank you.
You're awfully nice.
I gotta go.
I'm prepping the pig for tomorrow's luau.
You should come and help me.
It'll take your mind off of things.
Yeah? You don't mind?
I mean, I must say I'm a pretty good cook.
All right.
I can't. Please don't make me do this.
Do it.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You can stop crying now.
He's dead already.
I'm not crying.
You should stop crying.
I don't cry. I'm not a baby.
'Cause you look like a gigantic baby.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean that at all.

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