Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): Getting Drunk


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The clip getting drunk from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Jason Segel, Jack McBrayer

I think I'll just take a pi?a colada, please.
Look at this guy.
Look at this guy.
Not us, buddy. Right? Not us.
I'm on Sex and the City. What's up, Miranda?
I'm Samantha. I have sex with everyone.
Maybe it's a good thing that they're here.
You know what I mean?
Maybe this is a challenge from God...
for me to forget her. You know?
Or maybe it's a sign from God that you should be with her.
I love her show.
When they mix the sexuality and the violence, I like it.
What the hell is wrong with you two?
You gotta move on.
I hear you say that, but it's not that easy.
It's that easy. Promise you it is.
I lived in South Central.
South Central. And I hated it.
That's why I moved to Oahu.
Now I can name you...
over 200 different kinds of fish.
No, you can't.
Oh, yes, I can.
Do it.
Yeah, you cannot.
G. Ghost pipefish, grill fish, goaler fish...
grouper fish, greenback...
What's the state fish of Hawaii?
Yeah, bitch.
You ready?
Yeah, just gonna close up.
Hello, Mr Bretter, Mr Brayden. Where's your wife, sir?
She is in bed.
How are things going with the lady?
Not awesome.
She's complicated, like The Da Vinci Code,
you know, but harder to crack.
But life is full of lessons.
You learn something new every day.
Wonder what I'm going to learn tomorrow.
Good night, sir.
Good night.
Good night, sir.
Off to find the mythical clitoris.
So, Peter, were you able to get...
that crying lady out of your room?

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