Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): a Taste of Love


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The clip a taste of love from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Jason Segel, Bill Hader

On the night I'm dying
Sorry for all the wrong I've done
I'm finished trying
It was a wonderful dream Now let him come and slay me
There he is
The demon...
who haunted the streets of London
I've come to slay you
Here I am.
I'll leave you bleeding in my dungeon
I'll never obey you I'll rip out your oesophagus
Please, Mr Van Helsing Listen to me
He is just a man who wishes to be free
Lay him in a hearse You must end this curse
He is the worst.
Don't go my love
I can't say goodbye
My reign is done
It's time to die
I'm pregnant
VAN HELSING: What have I done?
Has flown above
Who killed Dracula?
But he found a taste
A taste for love
My life is a lie
Sweet Dracula I miss my young dead prince
I'll never see him again
Until my death
What a wonderful dream
To find a taste for love
A taste for love

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