Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008): Going to the Doctor


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The clip going to the doctor from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) with Jason Segel

Last night, like some sort of idiot, I had sex...
with this woman who I barely even know.
I used a condom, but
I'm really scared that I have an STD, Doc.
Peter, I'm a paediatrician. Have you noticed...
you're sitting on a fire truck?
Little kids running?
Yeah, this is new. I like it.
I'm kind of backed up...
Could you take a look at my penis?
Go ahead. Let me see it.
That's all right. Take it out.
You barely looked at it.
It's a good-looking dick, Peter.
Beautiful dick.
Do you think maybe while I'm here,
I could get some blood work?
Your girlfriend dumped you, right?
Are you hurting? Are you hurt?
Stop it. Stop crying. Use your dick.
Keep fucking. Fuck everything that moves.
Just wear a condom.
Listen, I'm backed up,
I got a lot of kids. I gotta go, okay?
You want something?
You want a balloon? You want a lolly?

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