Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden? (2008): Palestinians' Opinion of Al Qaeda


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The clip palestinians' opinion of al qaeda from Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden? (2008) with Morgan Spurlock

Osama bin Laden says one reason for the creation of Al-Qaeda
and attacks against the West, is the existence of Israel,
America's support of her and the treatment of the Palestinian people.
If Osama cares about the Palestinians so much,
I wanted to see if the feeling was mutual. If it is,
I'm sure someone can help me narrow in on it.
How do you feel about Al-Qaeda causing acts of terrorism
in the name of the Palestinian people?
I don't agree with Al-Qaeda.
I'll leave that alone. I don't agree with them at all.
It is none of their business to do anything for us.
We can do for ourselves.
We are fighting to make our homeland free. It's none of their business.
I was wondering if you could help? Looking for Osama bin Laden.
Go to Tora Bora. No.
Not here in Ramallah?
They hate Osama bin Laden.
And you know, if...
Why do they hate him?
Because he likes blood. You know?
He is a ridiculous Muslim. He gives a bad picture about Islam.
We've heard Hamas is on the same level as Al-Qaeda. Is that true?
Ours is not a religious conflict.
We don't fight the Jews because they are Jews.
No, we fight them because they occupy our lands.
And Al-Qaeda, it holds all of the West as an enemy.
But the number one reason they say they do it
is because of the Palestinian conflict. Because of what's happening here.
Any Arab leader, all Arab movements have adopted the Palestinian issue
because they know the Palestinian issue is what triggers the emotions and

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