Space Cowboys (2000): Rebuke After Crash


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The clip rebuke after crash from Space Cowboys (2000)

Is that smoke I smell?
Looks like a fire out by Ridgecrest.
We crashed the X-2.
My 4-million-dollar X-2?
Is that the X-2 you're referring to?
We did break both speed and altitude records, sir.
And beat the free-fall mark by 30,000 feet.
Three planes in ten months. That's bound to be a record too.
The engine failed. The aircraft went in a flat spin. We couldn't recover.
But you made it.
That's the important thing.
And you made it just in time, Frank.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press I'm Major Bob Gerson, United States Air Force, and I hold in my hand a directive from the president of the United States of America.

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