Space Cowboys (2000): General Vostov Warns About Failure


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The clip General Vostov warns about failure from Space Cowboys (2000)

I don't need to remind you of the consequences of failure here.
Personal consequences.
That's the problem with you Russians.
With you, the glass is always half empty.
These men you are sending up, they're not astronauts.
The last time they trained for a space mission, cars had fins on them.
The truth is Frank Corvin's not going anywhere.
His team's not gonna pass the physical trials.
This is supposed to reassure me?
What will you do then?
My best young astronaut is training alongside Corvin gaining proficiency in that antiquated guidance system.
Until he does, Frank Corvin's gonna believe he's going up.
I don't know.
We should consult--
There will be no goddamn consulting.
No one, and I mean no one, is to be in the loop on our little problem.
Do I make myself perfectly clear, general?

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