Space Cowboys (2000): Gerson and Corvin Meet


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The clip gerson and corvin meet from Space Cowboys (2000)

I think I have a solution for your problem.
Frank Corvin.
So how long has it been, Frank?
Probably not long enough, Bob.
Still haven't lost the Corvin charm, have we?
Would you like a cup of coffee?
No, thanks.
Miss Holland tells me you're up to speed on our little problem.
We've got one sick bird up there.
Apparently, there's some kind of design flaw in the guidance system.
This is a hell of a way to get the designer to help you out.
I heard all about your initial response.
But don't you worry none. I'm sure we'll come up with something.
Dr.Corvin is here with a solution.
Well, praise the Lord and hallelujah. We are delivered.
So tell us about your solution, Frank.
Send my team up. We'll fix your broken satellite for you.
Damn good cup of coffee.

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