Space Cowboys (2000): The Satellite is on Its Way


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The clip The satellite is on its way from Space Cowboys (2000)

It just isn't responding.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is mission director Sara Holland.
She's been monitoring the situation closely and she assures me that the problem is well in hand.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
As you may know, 11 days ago, atmospheric tracking determined that Russian communications satellite Ikon has initiated orbital degradation.
Computer trajectory models predict a steady acceleration in sequence with the gravitational constant.
There's a systems failure in online navigation and guidance avionics.
All redundant systems are non-responsive.
Without active course correction in the next 30 to 40 days the satellite will reenter the Earth's atmosphere.
And crash?
Ikon has served you for 14 years.
That is in the performance range of a communications satellite.
It will probably crash in the ocean or burn up in the atmosphere.
I think it's best that we let it.
My country's grateful for the efforts of NASA and the State Department.
However, losing Ikon is not an option.
Ikon is not just a communications satellite to the Russian Federation.

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