8 Mile (2002): First Round of the Rap Battle


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The clip First round of the rap battle from 8 Mile (2002) with Mekhi Phifer, Evan Jones

A'ight, a'ight, a'ight, a'ight.!
How you feelin' out there? You feelin a'ight?
All right, all right, all right, all right.
Next up is L.C. Lyckety-Splyt.
Slaughter 'em, Lyckety. Slaughter 'em.
And my man B-Rabbit. B
Rabbit, where you at? B
Rabbit, come to the stage.
Where the fuck is B-Rabbit?
Yo, homie. Where's he at?
Yo, "B." They're callin' your name. You drew Lyckety-Splyt in the first round.
You okay with that? Yeah.
Don't give a fuck who it is.
Okay. Where the fuck is B-Rabbit?
Rabbit? What're you sayin' brother?
Got everybody waitin;
All right, let you all know, it's gonna be blazin' up in this bitch tonight.
Got a lot of dope rappers comin'to the stage, and it's gonna be nice.
One of these cats is goin'down a winner via sweet Papa Doc.
Trust me. If this shit is goin'where I think it is, I might want to stick around.
Come to the stage, Rabbit.
Come to the stage.!
Rabbit, where you at? Oh, there he is. Come on.
All right, make way for the Rabbit. Let him come through.
Come on, let the artist get to the motherfuckin'stage.
Come on, man.
All right, come on up. Come on, B-Rabbit. Let him up, let him up.
You good? Choose somethin'.
Heads. Heads?
You got it.
All right, my man.
I'm goin' first against this choke artist here.
Well, baby, you got enough confidence. Get serious.
Okay, do your thing. Forty-five seconds.
Yo, D.J., spin that shit.
Free World, okay?
Tell you somethin'.
Check this out. Check this out.
Yo. This guy's a choke artist.
You catch a bad one, you better off shootin' yourself with Papa Doc's handgun
Climbin' up this mountain You're weak, I leave you lost without a paddle
Floatin'up shit's creek You ain't Detroit, I'm the "D"

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