Next Friday (2000): Broken Skateboard


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The clip Broken skateboard from Next Friday (2000)

Man, what we gonna do?
I don't know yet.
I know what I'm gonna do.
I'm goin' home and face the music.
My dad finds out I got fired again, man, he's gonna kick my ass.
Sorry about today.
Yeah, me too. Later.
My board!
Get the board!
My skateboard.
Let's play some quarters and shit. And don't forget the chips.
What the fuck you lookin' at?
Nothin'. I...
You broke my board.
It shouldn't have been in the street.
Take me to Judge Judy. Let's go.
Who the fuck are those guys, Day-Day?
Let it go, man. Trust me.
I ain't lettin' shit go, man! They broke my skateboard!
Let it go! Trust me.
Wait a minute. Wait, wait! Look.
You see that?
I ain't see nothin'.
Must be money or somethin' in that hydraulic pump.
Yeah, air.
It's somethin' better than air. I could tell how funny he act.
Hey, how's it goin', boy? Come here. Yeah, boy, come here.
Hey! What are you doin'? Get the fuck off me!
How do you know for sure? It could be any damn thing in that pump.
I don't know. It could be anything, but I say we go over there and take a look.
I say you go by your damn self.
I'm not fuckin' with them eses. Y'all go over there and tag team and that shit.
All we need is a big-ass pack of bologna.
Yeah, bologna!
Want me to get cheese and the hot plate? We can cook over there. Eat with them...
Man, just go get the bologna. Hurry up.

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