Next Friday (2000): Climbing over the Fence


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The clip Climbing over the fence from Next Friday (2000)

It's a nice piece of heat you got there.
Thank you. I ain't got but two bullets in the motherfucker.
But that's better than nothin'.
Yeah, it is.
Two bullets? Boy, your ass ain't changed at all.
Back in the day, only thing I had was a stick.
You missed with your stick. I ain't gonna miss with these two bullets.
Hey, y'all. Not now. Come on.
Come on. You know what to do.
That's Versace you steppin' on.
Versace? You can't even spell Versace.
"Fo-satchy." F-O... satchy.
You all right?
Will you be quiet, Tarzan?
I don't do this shit every day.
I'm tellin' you, man. You can do a lot for this community...
Shut up! I'm sick of bullshitting with you two.
Baby Joker?
Little Joker?
Tape their mouths shut.
I don't wanna hear a grown man scream.

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