Next Friday (2000): Party's over


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The clip Party's over from Next Friday (2000)

I knew we'd never be together forever. You're a cold little Puerto Rican dude.
We're saying you're fucked!
You're staying with us.
Oh, man.
Baby Joker, get the duct tape.
It's on my bed. I was using it earlier.
Shit, man!
And, you, put your clothes back on.
Come on. The party's over. Get your chickie heads outta here!
Come on! Move it, hood-rat. Get your ass outta here. Bus leaves at 11:00!
Take this shit with you!
Call me!
What a jerk.
He's stupid.
What did we do?
Why does he need tape?
Tell us what we did.
You're fucked. Gonna have a party.
What kind of party?
A prison party. We just got out.
I know what to do with you.
He's cute, huh?
I want the little one.
He's like a Frosted Mini-Wheat.
Hold on, baby.
It's gonna be crazy.
Don't do that.
You haven't seen my Aztec warrior.
I can't handle this!
You can't handle them?
You can handle them.
You got a pretty mouth.
Don't do that!
Don't do it.

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