Next Friday (2000): Great House


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The clip Great House from Next Friday (2000)

I told you she was funny.
Big house, ain't it?
Yeah, it is.
Yeah. Y'all wish y'all had one like this, didn't ya?
We do.
Daddy! Where my shirt at?
Daddy, where my shirt?
Which one? The pink one?
You have it here. Ran out of toilet paper, son. Sorry.
Sure was soft, though.
You wiped your ass with my shirt?
Told you not to leave your shit in the bathroom.
What you doin'?
This is a nice house, man.
I know. Thanks.
I just wish Mama had a chance to see it.
You know she had a heart attack and died when she found out we won the lottery.
I know the story.
If Mama had a chance to see this, she'd have been so happy.
But that's how things work.
Well, I'm about to go to work...
something you might not never know nothin' about.
Know what I'm sayin'?
Where you workin' at?
At Pinky's Record and Disc.
You can't live in this house without a job.
So try to think about that, 'cause I got me a job.
Job, job, job.

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