Next Friday (2000): Craig Meets Karla


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The clip Craig Meets Karla from Next Friday (2000)

This ain't bad, right?
Yeah, it is.
That scratch make it real ugly, make you not even want to drive it.
Damn! Who is that?
That's their sister.
Damn. You know what?
I'm beginning to like Rancho Cucamonga.
Well, don't like it.
Why not?
We need to improve on black and brown relations.
Because there's been tension between us and them since they got out the pen.
I am trying to keep it peaceful around here.
I'm tryin' to have none of that gangsta-thug stuff.
We livin' good, eatin' shrimps and steak.
What you... Don't do...
I'm tellin' you, don't mess with her.
Slow down. Damn, you walk fast.
I'm Craig. What's your name?
Craig and Karla. That sounds good together, huh?
Yeah, kind of.
She's a sack chaser, man!
I tried to hit it. She wouldn't give me none.
I bet you don't get none.
I bet you don't get it. I hope you don't get it.
Where you goin'?
To the Cucamonga Shopping Center.
Let it go, man!
I told you.
Whites in hot and colors in cold.
Gonna ruin my Dickies!
Hold this! What the fuck?

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