Next Friday (2000): Smoky Opening Credits


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The clip Smoky opening credits from Next Friday (2000)

Put that shit out.
The doctor prescribed me this shit now.
New Line presents a real nigger movie.
I'm high as a giraffe ass right now.
Right now.
"A Cubevision Production."
This shit gonna be off the hook, nigger.
Hit it again, Smokey. Cough it up your nose.
This shit is on the one.
This is a done one on this one. Yeah, buddy.
You got a bong, nigger?
This shit is killin' my sack.
"Written by Ice Cube." I thought that nigger was in jail.
I helped write this motherfucker too.
They all did.
Look at the smoke.
"Directed by Steve Carr."
That motherfucker owes me some money.
That's the nigger that owes me that money, man.

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