Next Friday (2000): Craig Fights Joker


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The clip Craig fights Joker from Next Friday (2000)

You players are going on the disabled list...
as soon as my brothers get back here.
They should be back here any minute now.
They'll be back soon.
Fuck! Where are these fuckers?
I gotta do everything. It's tough being the brains of the operation.
Hey! You putos go?
You gonna make me crazy! You make me crazy! Come on!
Makin' me look like a punk!
It slipped!
My disk slipped again in my back.
What the fuck?
What the hell are you doing here?
I lost something. What it look like, fool?
It looks like a dead mayate with a loud shirt.
My mind! That's what I lost. Ain't this my yard?
Get up!
Watch his feet. Watch his feet, boy.

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