Next Friday (2000): Family Reunion


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The clip Family Reunion from Next Friday (2000) with John Witherspoon

Daddy, Craig's here!
Uncle Willie.
How you doin', Day-Day?
Where's your big-head father?
There he is right there.
Hey, Unc!
I heard you're running from an ass-whippin'.
It ain't even like that. Talk to your brother.
If it had been me, I'd have shot him.
I know he'd have popped him.
Hey, Willie! How's it goin'?
Still steppin' in that dog shit every day?
You take care of my boy.
Don't worry about nothin', big bro.
He's in the best hands in Rancho "Choke-among-us."
I'm the king here. You just another nigger late payin' his rent.
Ain't that right, nephew?
Wait, Craig.
Remember what I told you.
I'll remember.
Now, Lotto stud...
close my door, don't slam it.
Can't even count to ten, and suddenly you hit the Lotto. Ain't that a bitch?
Send Betty my love!
Boy, you lookin' good.
I can't call it.
Give me that bag. When you're finished with him, come in.
All right. Thanks, Unc.
It's been what, a year, since we kicked it at the family reunion?
It was about a year, huh?
Yeah, man.
Ever since you moved out here, we lost touch.
I know. This is a long way from Watts.
But the good thing about bein' out here...
we don't hear no gunshots, no helicopters.
No police, no crackheads, no chicken heads, no nothin'.
Just clean, fresh air. Just smell.
Smell good, huh?
Taste good. Taste the air.
Yeah, dude.

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