The Dukes of Hazzard (2005): Hogg's Plans Revealed


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The clip Hogg's Plans Revealed from The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) with Charlie Finn, Johnny Knoxville

Are you really with Kamasaka Technologies?
Damn it, we are high-powered Japanese executives.
We work hard, and we play even harder.
Now, tell us what you see there...
...or we'll go find another candidate at Georgia Polytech.
It's anthracite.
Coal in Hazzard?
What's the street value of this?
This much? Nothing.
A good-sized mine? Could be millions.
Can you show us what a good-sized mine looks like?
Here's what it used to look like. And this is the after.
Hogg's gonna do this to Hazzard?
The hell he is.
Mr. Kamasaka? We have to go. The plane is leaving.
Congratulations, Royce. You got the job. How does 24,000 yen a year sound?
Sounds like 40 bucks.
Way to go.
All right, man. See you in Beijing.
You see two guys come through here?
You mean those two Japanese guys?
Get me Atlanta P.D. Damn.
Why, that slimy bastard.
Here's another little nugget.
Hogg has been paying that kid Prickett a lot of money...
... to race here Saturday.
He's paying him?
Y'all better get your asses back here quick as you can, got it?
Ten-four, Shepherd, this is Lost Sheep out.

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