The Dukes of Hazzard (2005): Arriving to Court


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The clip Arriving to Court from The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) with Seann William Scott

What are we waiting on, judge? Let's finish this thing.
Well, I guess it's that time.
I just can't believe that nobody wants to object.
All those in favor of the strip-mining ordinance?
They're gonna strip-mine Hazzard?
Damn straight.
How can they do that?
Don't worry, we're about to stop them.
All those opposed?
What the hell is that? Who locked that door?
Oh, man, that's gonna hurt tomorrow.
Your Honor!
I think we got some people who might like to object to this strip-mining issue.
Okay, all those opposed to the strip-mining ordinance?
This court hereby declares that the strip-mining ordinance is dismissed.
Thank you much. Thank you, Boss. Hi, how y'all?
She might be a little low on gas.
Take that.
Were you really gonna strip-mine Hazzard, Mr. Hogg?
I was thinking about it.

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